7813. Bio Scenic Travel Machine: Cyto-Squad by Sara Hanson

Sara Hanson is a Minneapolis-based sculptor, public artist and community collaborator that brings accessible opportunities to interact with and participate in art into communities, public spaces and unexpected places.  Hanson's work invites exploration and discovery of identity, time and place while offering a connection to others and the universe.   Her work has been exhibited locally at the Minnestoa Museum of American Art, Walker Art Center, a TEDx Minneapolis event at the Cowles Center for the Arts, and the Phipps Center for the Arts and has currently has installations at Lake Nokomis, Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, Midtown YWCA and several schools, businesses and organizations.  She has been awarded grants from Forecast Public Art, Minnesota State Arts Board, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and a commision from the City of Minneapolis for a Artist-Designed Public Drinking Fountain.  In 2005, Hanson founded Broadcasting W.O.W. (workshop on wheels), a traveling sculpture foundry that creates community public art and also mentors individuals with (dis)abilities in her studio. 

The Bio Scenic Machine Cyto Squad offers a kaleidoscope optical instrument to discover and explore the ecology and environment of Silverwood Park – mirrored reflections of plants and animals, microscopic images of organisms, and other biological specimens – through the seasons.

The travel machine is here to research and contain a collection and record of life on earth – the natural world of Silverwood Park – and share it with visitors of the park and “unspecified” recipients.

Bio Scenic Travel Machines travel the universe – the deep sea to the cosmos – and have landed here to conduct research of life on Earth and to share information and experiences of their travels. They invite you to explore, utilize their instruments and to assist them in completing their missions here – conduct your own research and make your own discoveries.

Bio Scenic Travel Machines are mobile public sculptures that travel into communities and public places to offer opportunities to explore and discover with others while sharing a personal or group vision, researching the environment or examining our collective experiences.  The sculptures capture, preserve and archive information of a community or an environment and share it with a larger audience.  Through these interactions, the conservation and celebration of this life on earth we strengthen our human experience, our connections to others, and our experiences here together now and for the future.